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piña colada
piña colada

Piña Colada

Immerse yourself in paradise with every sip of our refreshing Piña Colada.

An explosion of tropical flavor that will transport you to white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Our secret recipe combines the natural sweetness of pineapple with the softness of coconut, creating an exotic experience you will never forget.

Ready for a sensory trip to the island?

Enjoy the freshness of Piña Colada today and let yourself be carried away by the appeal of the exotic.



Refresh your day with the authentic Cuban essence in every sip of our Mojito.

A legendary cocktail that perfectly combines the freshness of mint with the sparkling vitality of lemon and the sweet touch of sugar.

Each drink is like a walk through the streets of Havana, where music and joy fill the air.

Discover the perfect balance between sweet and citrus in every moment with our Mojito.

The authentic tradition of Cuba, now in your glass. Cheers!



Enter a world of sweetness and fun with our irresistible Lollipop.

Our secret recipe has been perfected over the years to bring you the most delicious and addictive lollipop you have ever tasted.

Let childhood memories flood back as you savor the pure joy in every twist of our lollipop!

Ready for a sweet trip down memory lane?

Immerse yourself in the magic of our flavors and discover happiness in every sip.



Experience the unmatched freshness with our Peppermint.

Each drop is a burst of refreshing flavor that awakens your senses.

Our secret blend of fresh mint and herbal notes creates a unique and invigorating taste experience.

Whether neat, in cocktails or as a special touch in your coffee, our non-alcoholic Peppermint adds a refreshing twist to any occasion.

Immerse yourself in the world of freshness and enjoy the vibrant flavor of mint at its best.

Leisure without regrets

Do you lead a fit life? We love! We can't train with you, but we will wait for you at the exit!

A healthy and fit life is essential to maintain general well-being, both physical and mental.

However, that does not mean that we should completely give up leisure time.

Balancing a healthy lifestyle with bouts of enjoyment is essential to maintaining a sustainable and positive approach to health and fitness. Leading a healthy lifestyle does not mean a life of deprivation.

woman in black tank top and gray leggings
woman in black tank top and gray leggings

Allowing yourself moments of leisure and moderate indulgence helps maintain adherence to a healthy diet and exercise.

With Cambure Free, your moments of leisure will not be without regrets!

Alcohol will never be a disorder for you again!

There are less than 250 kcal per 20 cl. drink!

Enjoy your favorite drink in the best company.

If you are going to drive, drink Cambure Free

Are you the one who always sacrifices himself in the group without drinking, to take the car when you go out at night? Well, that sacrifice has come to an end! With Cambure Free you won't miss anything.

Keep playing the role of martyr in front of your friends... If they find out how good Cambure Free cocktails are, everyone will want to drive!

We would pay to see your smile the next time you get the "Stop" in a breathalyzer test...

We like that you take care of yourself. We want to share your leisure moments with you. Many moments of Leisure!

piña colada cambure free
piña colada cambure free
peppermint cambure free
peppermint cambure free
piruleta cambure free
piruleta cambure free

How to drink Cambure Free

Cambure Free are "ready to serve" drinks.

You just have to add a lot of ice and you will have before you a delicious refreshing drink, which has nothing to envy of alcoholic liqueurs.

If you also like to experiment with your own cocktails, let yourself be carried away by your imagination! You put the limits.

cocktail tiki
cocktail tiki

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